University of Puerto Rico exceeds admissions figure with an increase of 3,000 students


As of this date, the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) has 3,000 requests for additional admissions compared to those received last year, according to official data from the Admissions Office of the island’s first teaching center.

“No other institution offers the quality education and excellence offered by the University of Puerto Rico. The research we do is unique and the service we promote is incomparable. Our institution is the most important and effective instrument for the intellectual, social and economic development of our citizens, private sector and government. For more than 115 years the UPR has prepared professionals who contribute to the development of the island and of different countries around the world. The number of applications for admission we receive demonstrates the confidence of the people in the first teaching center in Puerto Rico,” said its president Jorge Haddock.

Starting today, several initiatives developed by the Admissions Office of the UPR to promote the academic offer of the university system in different activities begin. “As part of our recruitment plan, we have been visiting upper level schools along with the staff of the Admissions offices of the campuses. In addition, we are establishing alliances with other institutions to attract international students. Today we announce the beginning of two initiatives that have given us excellent results: UPR in Sanse and UPR goes to Plaza,” said Calderón.


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