Math Department hallwayDepartment of Mathematics, UPR-RP

About the Department:

The Department of Mathematics of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus offers academic programs leading to the degrees of B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. with concentration in Mathematics. The Ph.D. program has specializations in Analysis, Discrete Mathematics and Computational Mathematics. The Master of Science program has options in both Pure and Applied Mathematics.

Our Vision:

The Bachelor of Mathematics program at the Río Piedras Campus is a pioneer in the development of professionals in mathematics and its applications. As mathematics is the universal language that supports thinking skills, the program integrates the development of critical analysis, research, creativity, and the appreciation of intellectual power, together with the beauty of mathematical thought.

As a distinctive aspect of the Program, its students have the opportunity to participate in frontier research projects, access to advanced technologies and the possibility of collaborative experiences with mathematical researchers, both local and international.

Our Mission:

The Baccalaureate Program in Mathematics at the Río Piedras Campus of the University of Puerto Rico is a pioneer program that is intended for all students, regardless of their actual career goals. Our program is designed to fully develop students in mathematics and its applications. This program recognizes that a student majoring in mathematics has a diversity of career choices. Our program allows students to choose a course of study that depends on their actual career goals. The program embodies the principle that doing mathematics is a way of thinking that will benefit all students in all chosen careers. We admit high school graduates with a strong academic record and are highly motivated in the areas of science and mathematics.

We foster and develop the student’s abilities to think critically, precisely and creatively, to express one self clearly and precisely and be cognizant of the intellectual power, beauty and significance of mathematical thought. Indeed, Mathematics is the universal language that will enhance the thinking skills of any individual involved in making important personal and social decisions.

Our major asset is that our students have access to research projects that are on the cutting edge, to advanced technology and to collaborative experiences with national and international mathematics researchers. Our students participate in various programs and research training in and outside of Puerto Rico. They can also rely on an excellent and diverse faculty of international reputation, spanning many areas of mathematics.

Accordingly, we seek the following goals and objectives to support this mission.

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