1. To offer a set of core courses in mathematics aimed at developing the student’s intellectual curiosity, creative ability and habit of independent study.
  2. To provide the opportunity for the student to participate in research projects, summer training, seminars, work experiences, participation in congresses, exchange of students and creative projects.
  3. To promote ethics in the profession in the courses or in other academic activities, such as: conferences, orientations and seminars.
  4. To train professionals in the education of mathematics at all levels.
  5. To provide opportunities for the student to participate in collaborative work and develop their leadership and group work skills.
  6. To facilitate and promote second concentration in mathematics for students of other disciplines.
  7. To provide mentoring through graduate students and teachers to individualize and enrich the student’s mathematical experience.
  8. To provide courses, mentoring, participation in research projects and other activities for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in mathematics.
  9. To provide the opportunity for students to concentrate in mathematics to study related fields.
  10. To promote our baccalaureate program in mathematics among high school students and new students in and out of Puerto Rico, through publications, guidelines, advertisements and the internet.
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