Undergraduate Program

The Bachelor’s Program in Mathematics is the first important step in the education and mathematical development of students. Just as the mission of high school is to provide students with a solid foundation for their moral, intellectual, social and cultural development, the mission of the Bachelor’s Program in Mathematics is to provide them with a solid foundation for their future mathematical development and intellectual career.

Therefore, the mission of the Bachelor in Mathematics has the goal of preparing graduates with a basic mathematical knowledge and a solid mathematical culture that provides them with the foundation for their future mathematical life, regardless of the area of ​​mathematics or their selected applications, which will open a wide range of career opportunities. Without this base, the graduates can not be successful or compete advantageously in their future careers in the area of ​​mathematics.

Requirements for the Bachelor Degree in Mathematics

Renglón Cursos Titulo Crs.
(43 crs.)
ESPA 3101-3102
ESPA 3001-3002
ESPA 3111-3112
Español Básico ó
Español Intermedio ó
Español de Honor
INGL 3103-3104
INGL 3001-3002
INGL 3011-3012
Español Básico ó
Español Intermedio ó
Español de Honor
HUMA 3101-3102 Cultura Occidental I-II 6
CINA I-II Educación General en Ciencias Naturales 6
CISO 3121-3122 Introducción a las Ciencias Sociales 6
MATE 3151 Cálculo I 4
LIT. I-II Literatura I-II 6
ARTE xxxx Arte 3
(17 crs.)
Un año de Física, Química o Biología +
CCOM 3030 Estructuras Fundamentales
la Computación
CCOM 3033 Introducción a C++ 3
XXXX Curso de Ciencias Naturales o CCOM 3
(46 crs.)
MATE 3152 Cálculo II 4
MATE 3325 Introducción a Matemática Discreta 3
MATE 3153 Cálculo III 4
MATE 4009 Ecuaciones Diferenciales 3
MATE 4031 Algebra Lineal 3
MATE 4081 Algebra Superior 3
MATE 5001 Probabilidad 3
MATE 5002 Estadísticas 3
MATE 5201 Cálculo Avanzado I 3
Seminario I (MATE-3070), Seminario II (No tiene código, usualmente MATE-4995) 2
Cursos de Opción1 15
Electivas Libres
(18 crs.)

1Dependen de la opción

Discrete Mathematics Option

Pure Mathematics Option

Statistics and Computational Mathematics Option

Second Major in Mathematics

Pre-requisites for regular and optional courses.

Examples of Course Sequences