1. To have our students learn how to learn mathematics by developing intellectual curiosity, creative ability and habits of continuing independent study.
  2. To foster and develop a capacity in our students to do intellectually demanding work and research in mathematics.
  3. To create undergraduate mathematics seminars in order to offer extensive opportunities to read, write, listen and speak mathematical ideas at each stage of an undergraduate’s development.
  4. To provide collaborative experience with national and international mathematics researchers.
  5. To work ethically in one’s profession.
  6. To develop professionals that could contribute to the improvement of the educational system in all levels and economy of Puerto Rico.
  7. To provide Mathematics Tracks that will enhance the professional career of a student who wishes to pursue other mathematics related fields.
  8. To provide an Advanced Mathematics Tracks that will prepare a student with a sound foundation to pursue an advanced degree in mathematics.
  9. To promote mathematics in the high schools, identify students with mathematical ability and interest and provide special training and encouragement for such students.
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