Symposium on K-theory and Non-commutative Topology 2018



October 21-26, 2018

Invited speakers

Michael Brannan (Texas A&M University),
Nate Brown (Penn State University),
Sarah Browne (Penn State University),
Jose Carrion (Texas Christian University),
Stanley Chang (Wellesley College),
Xiaoman Chen (Fudan University),
Marius Dadarlat (Purdue University),
Caleb Eckhardt (Miami University),
Erik Guentner (University of Hawaii),
Chunlan Jiang (Hebei Normal University),
Marius Junge (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign),
Mehrdad Kalantar (University of Houston),
Hanfeng Li (SUNY at Buffalo),
Liangqing Li (University of Puerto Rico),
Huaxin Lin (University of Oregon Eugene),
Zhuang Niu (University of Wyoming Laramie),
Ping Wong Ng (University of Louisiana at Lafayette),
Cornel Pasnicu (University of Texas at San Antonio),
Chris N. Phillips (University of Oregon),
Lin Shan (University of Puerto Rico),
Yanli Song (Washington University in St. Louis),
Xiang Tang (Washington University in St. Louis,
Mei Tao (Baylor University),
Ivan Velazquez (University of Puerto Rico),
Kun Wang (Texas A&M University),
Rufus Willett (University of Hawaii),
Zhizhang Xie (Texas A&M University),
Guoliang Yu (Texas A&M University)

Organizing Committee:

Ivan Cardona (University of Puerto Rico, RP),
Guihua Gong (University of Puerto Rico, RP),
Liangqing Li (University of Puerto Rico, RP),
Lin Shan (University of Puerto Rico, RP),
Xiang Tang (Washington University in St. Louis),
Guoliang Yu (Texas A&M University)

Ivan Velazquez (University of Puerto Rico, RP),
Kun Wang (Texas A&M University)


To see the schedule click here. On Wednesday October 24, 2018 there will be a dinner at the UPR Campus. A bus from the UPR will pick us up at the Hotel at 5:10pm that day. For that reason the afternoon talks for Wednesday were moved half an hour earlier.

Book of Abstracts

The organizers would like to make a book of talks with a one page abstract per talk similar to this one. Follow this link to edit your talk abstract in Overleaf. Don’t forget to clone the project before you can start editing. After you are done, submit the generated pdf file to KUN WANG

To access the Book of Abstracts click here.

Directions from the airport here.

The conference Room will be at the Hyatt House Hotel in San Juan. There will be a special rate if you make reservations by September 14, 2018. Please contact (in the email subject put UPR Symposium) if you want the special rate.

Please make reservations in the Hyatt House or nearby.



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