Research Areas

Department of
M. Reza Emamy-K Discrete and convex  geometry. Geometric hypercube.  Distributive lattices. Discrete Optimization.
Raúl Figueroa Combinatorics; Finite Geometries; Algebraic Geometry.
Guihua Gong Functional Analysis; Index Theory; Global Analysis; Noncommutative  Differential Geometry.
Puhua Guan Combinatorics; Symbolic computation; Hypercube Structure.
Heeralal Janwa Coding Theory; Cryptography; Algebraic Geometry; Information Theory.
Alexander K. Kelmans Graph Theory; Matroid Theory; Combinatorial Optimization; Algorithm Complexity, Linear Algebra and Combinatorics, Random Structures.
Valentin Keyantuo  Semigroups of Linear Operators; Partial Differential Equations.
Liangqing Li Functional Analysis; Operator Algebras 
Luis A. Medina Combinatorics; Number Theory, Information Theory, Integer Secuences, p-adic analysis. 
Son Luu Nguyen Numerical Analysis, Stochastic Differential Equations, Stochastic  Games and Stochastic Optimal Control
María-Eglée Pérez Bayesian Statistics; Applications of Statistics to Life Sciences.
Luis Raúl Pericchi Mathematical Statistics and Decision Analyses; Bayesian Statistics-Theory and Practice, Biostatistics, Econometrics, Extremes. 
Ana Helvia Quintero Mathematical Education
Lin Shan Functional Analysis; Operator Algebras; Index Theory; Coarse Geometry; Geometric Analysis. 
Mahamadi Warma Local and Nonlocal Partial Differential Equations; Control Theory of  Partial Differential Equations;  Potential Theory. 
Department of
Computer Science
Carlos Corrada Bravo  Applied Machine Learning; Coding Theory.
Mariano Marcano Mathematic modeling; Numerical methods; Computational and mathematical physiology 
Rémi Mégret Computer Vision; Machine Learning
Edusmildo Orozco Salcedo Applications of Finite fields; Finite models of discrete dynamical systems and the design of algorithmic solutions.
José Ortiz-Uribarri Cybersecurity; High Performance Computing; Coding Theory.
Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga Bioinformatics; Computational and Networked Cyberinfrastructure.
Ivelisse Rubio Computational Algebra; Finite fields.
Affiliated Faculty
Pablo Negrón (UPR– Humacao) Numerical methods; bifurcation theory; partial differential equations and their applications to problems in continuum mechanics.

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