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The Mathematics Immersion Program for newly admitted students to the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Questions most often asked by students, counselors and parents regarding the Immersion Program:

Who is it for? It is aimed at new students entering the Faculty of Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Education majoring in science and mathematics, and students of the Faculty of General Studies who are in the Program of articulated transfer of Engineering.

Why the need? One of the factors that determines the academic success of the students who enter the faculties that work with mathematical concepts is their mathematical background. Over the years, in both science and mathematics, we have the experience that most students have deficiencies in their mathematical preparation. In addition, as science and mathematics evolve, it requires changing the Natural Sciences curriculum so that it adapts to the standards of the times. Currently our curriculum begins with Calculus I in the first semester of the year of admission to the Faculty. To remedy this problem, the Mathematics Immersion Program was created.

What is the Mathematics Immersion Program? The Mathematics Immersion Program consists of an intensive five-week study, where the mathematical concepts discussed during the 12 school years are studied, unified, intertwined, extended and emphasized to ensure that students have a mastery and development of the skills that allow them to visualize and use them in mathematics and science.
In the Program they participate by section: a professor of the University, three or four subgraduate or graduate teachers, in addition, the teachers of the school system are invited.

Summer 2017 Immersion Results
No. of students that pass on to Calculus 85
No. of students that pass on to PreCalculus II 71
No. of students that pass on to PreCalculus I 28
Did not pass or abandoned course 22

Placement Test for the Immersion Program

Here you can find an outline of the topics for the placement exam to enter the immersion program.

Placement Citeria for Newly Admitted Students

Regardless of your participation in the immersion program. Here are the placement criteria for the initial mathematics course for entering students.


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