Graduate and Undergraduate students meeting


The first encounter of undergraduate and graduate students of the Mathematics Department was held on Friday, September 28, 2018. Members of the community of our Department attended, including undergraduate and graduate students, professors and administrative staff.

Professor Luis A. Medina, director of the Department, welcomed those present and spoke about the next SIDIM and the Francis N. Castro Colloquium. The latter will be held annually in our campus beginning next year. Professor Luis R. Pericchi suggested organizing more activities where, for example, teachers could be invited to present their research areas. The dean and professor Valentín Keyantuo invited those present to participate in the fair of graduate schools.

The President of the Mathematics Student Association of (AEMat), María del C. Ramos, was present at the meeting and spoke about the mission and vision of the organization. She shared the requirements to be a member of the organization and talked about the activities that will be carried out during the semester. The graduate students Anthony Gómez and Angélica Rosario presented some proposals that, in one way or another, will improve the links between all sectors of the community of our Department.

Congratulations on this initiative!


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