Course Description

MATH 3163. Mathematical Methods for Physical Chemistry

Course Code MATE 3163
Course Title Mathematical Methods for Physical Chemistry
Credits 4
Hours 5 per week
Prerequisites MATH 3151; CHEM 3001; CHEM 3002
Description Integral Calculus: antiderivatives, indefinite and improper integrals. Integration methods, numerical integration. Probability distributions and mean values. Series and transforms: Fourier, Laplace. Several variables calculus: partial derivatives, exact and inexact differentials, multiple and line integrals. Extreme values in several variables. Differential equations: Newton’s Laws, harmonic oscilator, separable equations, exact and inexact equations, partial derivatives equations. Solution methods: Laplace transform, numerical. Operators, matrices and group theory. Cramer’s rule, matrix inverses. Experimental data treatment: random errors, data reduction, error propagation, least squares method.
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