San Juan

Hypercube 2002

Caribbean Workshop on the
Hypercube and its Relatives

San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 21-23, 2002.

Conference Theme

The main themes of the conference are combinatorial and geometric problems on the hypercube, boolean functions, threshold logic, regular graphs, polytopes, binary codes, perfect dominating sets, graph decompositions, etc.

Invited Speakers

Victor Klee, Kevin T. Phelps, Joseph Rifà, Zoltán Füredi, Ghidewon Abay-Asmerom, Warren Adams and Martin Ziegler.


Travel details

Abstracts should be sent in LaTeX format to

Organizing Committee

M. R. Emamy-K (Chair)
I. J Dejter (co-chair)
P. Guan
F. Castro


Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,
Box 23355 San Juan, Puerto Rico 00931-3355
Fax: (787) 281-0651
Phone (787)764-0000 ext 1238, 4693.