1st IMS-ISBA joint Statistical Meeting 

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Last update: April 4, 2003

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San Juan, PR, July 24,2003

1.Registration fee.

  The registration fee is $160 (U.S currency) to be paid before April 23, 2003, through a check (USA bank) or  money order payable to IMS, or by credit card (Master or Visa card only). Address:

  IMS/ISBA meeting registration, P.O. Box 22718, Beachwood OH 44122

  FAX: 1-(216) 921-6703 (Credit card registration)

  Tel: 1-(216) 295-2340

  E-mail: erg@imstat.org

  For Puerto Rican participants registration is $80.

2.Registration form.

  Pre-registration form is available in two format.

  To download Microsoft word version, click here. To download PDF version, click here.


  After you fill in the form, please send it back to us before April 23, 2003 by E-mail or by mail or by fax to the address below:


    Dr. Luis R Pericchi

    Director and Professor of Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus

    P.O. Box:  23355  

    San Juan, PR00931-3355 


    Tel:  +1(787)764-0000 EXT 1238
    FAX:  +1(787)281-0651 or +1(787)772-1437

    E-mail: imsisba@orion.cnnet.clu.edu

3.Registration deadline:   

  The deadline of registration for the meeting is April 23, 2003

3.Registration inquiries: 

    Luis R Pericchi

    University of Puerto Rico
    Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
    P.O.Box 23355
    San Juan, PR00931-3355
    Office: Natural Science A-124
    Phone: +1 (787) 764-0000 EXT 1238
    FAX: +1 (787) 281-0651 or +1(787)7721437
    E-mail: imsisba@orion.cnnet.clu.edu

4.Fellowship announcement  NEW!

 Fellowships for New PhD¨s and Graduate Students to attend the First Joint
 IMS-ISBA Statistical Meeting in Puerto Rico San Juan Isla Verde, July

 The Institute of Mathematical Statistics has approved a grant to
 partially support Graduate Students and New PhD graduates (less than 10
 years after graduation) to attend the meeting. The applicants should be
 members of the IMS (see http://www.imstat.org/ to join). Preference will
 be given to applicants who are submitting a poster. Successful
 applicants will be required to write a short report of their
 experience of the meeting.

 Applicants should send a Curriculum Vitae to imsisba@orion.cnnet.clu.edu
 and optionally an abstract of a poster.

 DEADLINE: The deadline for applications is 5:00PM, ET, April.18, 2003.