University of Puerto Rico
The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Workshop at UPR Rio Piedras
US Census Bureau
Satellite Meeting of the First IMS-ISBA Joint Statistical Meeting

San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 23, 2003.

Invited Speakers

Dr. Tommy Wright, Chief, (Statistical Research Division)
Dr. Yves Thibaud, (Principal Researcher, Statistical Research Division),
Dr. Mathhew Christenson, (Demographer, Population Division),
Dr. David Waddington, (Chief, Small Area Estimates Branch, Housing and Houshold, Economics Statistics Division),
Dr. William Bell, (Senior Mathematical Statistician)

US Bureeau of Census - Satellite Meeting 2003 - Schedule of Talks

July 23, 2003

08:45 LECTURE (Natural Science-Academic Computer Center)

  • Dr. Tommy Wright, Probability Sampling Concepts and Overview at the Census Bureau

    09:30 LECTURE Natural Science-Academic Computer Center

  • Dr. Yves Thibaudeau, Imputation methods used by the Demographic, Decennial, Economic Areas

    10:05 LECTURE Natural-Science Academic Computer Center

  • Dr. Matthew Christenson, The Official Post-Census 2000 Population Estimates for the Municipios of PR: The Traditional Demographic Formula in the Context of Regression Estimation Techniques

    10:35-10:50 Break

    10:50 LECTURE Natural Science-Academic Computer Center

  • Dr.David Waddington, Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE) Overview

    11:25 LECTURE Natural Science-Academic Computer Center

  • Dr. William Bell, Bayesian Treatment of Small Area Models for SAIPE State Estimates

    11:25 LECTURE Natural Science-Academic Computer Center

    11:55 Wrap-Up: Questions and Answers

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