Mahamadi Warma

Address College of Natural Sciences
Department of Mathematics
17 University Ave. Ste 1701
San Juan, PR 00925-2537
Office NCN II C-112
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Telephone (787) 764-0000 88258
E-Mail moc.liamg@amrawjm, ude.rpu@1amraw.idamaham
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PhD, University of Ulm (Germany), 2002


Linear and nonlinear Potential Theory; Linear and nonlinear Partial Differential Equations; Functional Analysis; Evolution Equations; Semigroups of Operators

Selected Publications

  1. (with H. Antil) Optimal control of the coefficient for fractional and regional fractional p-Laplace equations: Approximation and convergence. Mathematical Control and Related Fields, to appear.
  2. (with U. Biccari and E. Zuazua) Local regularity for fractional heat equations. SEMA- SIMAI Springer Series, to appear.
  3. Mahamadi Warma. On a fractional (s, p)-Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator on bounded Lipschitz domains. Journal of Elliptic and Parabolic Equation 4 (2018), 223--269.
  4. Mahamadi Warma (with W.Arendt and A.F.M. Ter Elst) Fractional powers of sectorial operators via the Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator. Comm. Partial Differential Equations 43 (2018), no. 1, 1–24.
  5. (with V. Keyantuo and C. Lizama) Existence, regularity and representation of solutions of fractional wave equations. Electronic Journal of Differential Equations 2017 (2017), No. 222, pp. 1-42.
  6. On the approximate controllability from the boundary for fractional wave equations. Applicable Analysis 96 (2017), 2291–2315.
  7. (with H. Antil and J. Pfefferer) A note on semilinear fractional diffusion equation: analysis and discretization. Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis. ESAIM: M2AN 51 (2017), 2049–2067.
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Selected Grants and Awards

  1. AFOSR Grant FA9550-18-1-0242. (PI) Nonlocal PDEs: Analysis, Control and Beyond. June 2018–May 2021 (Total: $456,494).
  2. AFOSR Grant FA9550-15-1-0027. (PI) Dynamics, Control and Numerics for Fractional Partial Differential Equations. December 2014--May 2018 (Total: $450,438)
  3. ARO Grant W911NF-17-1-0286. (PI) Workshop on Dynamics, Control and Numerics for Fractional PDEs. May 2017-- December 31, 2018. (Total: $18,600.00)
  4. AFOSR Grant FA9550-17-1-0524. (PI) Workshop on Dynamics, Control and Numerics for Fractional PDEs. September 30, 2017 -- March 31, 2019. (Total: $39, 853.00)

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