Luis Raul Pericchi

Dirección Department of Mathematics, University of Puerto Rico
Box 70377 San Juan, PR 00936-8377
Oficina NCN II C-121/ NCN A-206
Programa Actual
Teléfono (787) 764-0000 4690/ 7490
E-Mail moc.liamg@rpraul, ude.rpu@ihccirep.siul


PhD, University of London, Imperial College,, 1981


Estadística Matemática, Aplicaciones de la Estadí­stica Bayesiana, Estadí­stica Computacional

Publicaciones Representativas

  1. Pericchi L.R. and Torres D. (2012) ”Quick anomaly detection by the Newcomb- Benford Law, with applications to electoral processes data from the USA, Puerto Rico and Venezuela” Statistical Science, 26,4, p. 502-516.
  2. Fuquene J.A., Cook J.D. and Pericchi L.R. (2009) "A Case for Robust Bayesian Priors with Applications to Clinical Trials", BAYESIAN ANALYSIS, Vol. 4, Number 4, pp. 817-846. Available electronically in:
  3. Berger J.O. and Pericchi L.R.,  The Intrinsic Bayes Factor for Model Selection and Prediction.  Journal of the American Statistical Association, 91, 433 (1996), 109-122.
  4. Mendez B. and Pericchi L.R. (2009) Assessing Conditional Extremal Risk of Flooding in Puerto Rico. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessesment, 23, 3, pp.399-410.
  5. Berger J.O. and Pericchi L.R.  Training samples in objective Bayesian model selection.  The Annals of Statistics, Vol. 32, No. 3 (2004), 841-869.
  6. Pericchi, L.R.,   Model Selection and Hypothesis Testing based on Objective Probabilities and Bayes Factors.  Handbook of Statistics, D. Dey and C.R. Rao editors, Vol. 25 (2005), 115-149.

Premios y Becas

  1. Elected Ordinary Member of the International Statistical Institute, 1989
  2. Guggenheim Fellowship (Jul.1997-Jun.1998)
  3. Principal Invesigator, 2006-2008 NSF Grant: "A Synthesis of Objective Bayes Factors for Model Selection and Hypothesis Testing". Amount: $75,000.
  4. Principal Invesigator, 2006-2011 NSF Grant: "Accelerating Puerto Rican students into the National Research Effort in Mathematics and Computer Science". Amount: $500,000.

Additional Information

El Profesor Pericchi ha sido electo Miembro de la International Society for Bayesian Analysis ISBA.
Centro de Bioestadistica y Bioinformatica: