General admission requirements for the M.S.and Ph.D. Programs

To evaluate an admission application, the Mathematics Graduate Program requires the following: Students are expected to have completed (or otherwise be required to take) the following undergraduate courses in mathematics: linear algebra, modern algebra, and advanced calculus. Some experience with computer programming as well as probability and statistics is recommended for those pursuing the applied mathematics option.

Additional Ph.D. Program Admission Requirements

Students are or will be required to have taken the equivalent of at least one semester of linear algebra, two semesters of modern algebra, and two semesters of advanced calculus. Proficiency is shown by passing a placement examination or passing the corresponding pre-graduate courses designed for such purposes with a grade of B or better.

International applicants must submit admission materials no later than December 1 (January 17 for non international applicants) to be considered for the Fall Semester. The Mathematics Graduate Committee will evaluate all properly documented and completed applications.


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